The NotiWear concept is conceived by a team of students at Nanyang Polytechnic looking for ways to improve the lives of the visually impaired.

Focusing on the smart healthcare sector, the team has thought of an embedded solution catered to the restaurant environment in aiding the visually impaired to have a better working experience and ease in transitioning to a working environment.

The system includes a main tablet base, wearables and customer’s side devices.

It is to aid them by displaying key important messages on the wearable, request for help and tend to customer’s needs.

The wearables and customer’s devices are powered by the Arduino platform to help people that are hearing impaired to be able to work in normal restaurant environment.

The main tablet base is powered by Raspberry Pi as a prototyping device to ensure the proof of concept.

With the help from the Digi’s Xbee Platform, it allows seamless communication between multiple devices to transmit key important messages to hearing impaired staffs.